Boston, Massachusetts
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This place discriminates!!!! I am a female and I went in there and I was totally ignored.

The older guy - I assume in sales, wouldn't even acknowledge my presence. He was a complete ***!! After standing in front of him trying to ask for help, he said in a minute. Continued to talk to a male who was doing work in the place!!!

Finally, after being ignored I asked a question and he treated me like I was a dumb female!

The only description I can give is he has a HUGE NOSE!!!!!!!!

I was planning on buying 2 fireplaces with inserts (for my new home under construction) and a pellet store (for a gift) -- let me see -- they lost about 6K in sales....

Get rid of that guy!!!! His loss!!!

Monetary Loss: $6.

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We deeply apologize for any negative experience you have had in our showroom. As owner of Enchanted Fireside, I’m sad to hear you were dissatisfied with the quality of our customer service.

We pride ourselves on above all having excellent customer service and rest assured, this is not an accurate representation of our values or beliefs. We’ve taken full action to prevent these incidences in the future by removing this employee from our staff. Please feel free to reach out & call us at (800) 782-5500 with any additional concerns.

I would be glad to speak with you directly. Thank you for taking the time to submit a review of our company and help improve our business.


This is the worst place. The only game in town does not make you the best.

People are rude. The service is the worst. The inserts are contacted out. The fellows who put the inserts in are rough, and not professional.

Service if you want it, it will be in July not when needed. I strongly suggest go some where else. I have had nothing but a head ache, and our fire place has never worked correctly. Do not buy from this place you will be disappointed.

I am not the only person who feels this way. There are other places and they stand behind there work.

Run Run fast.