Worcester, Massachusetts

I stopped by Enchanted Fireside to buy a fireplace twice, and each time they appeared nice, but something felt off. There was a fakeness about one of the salespeople I met, and each different salesperson gave me a different story about price.

Twice, they told me they would call me back.

They never called!

I don't know about you, but if a place doesn't call back when you're trying to buy an expensive good, will they call back when you have a problem? This place might be OK, but again, things just didn't seem "right" to me.

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I think there sales and service team communicate well and are very responsive. We appreciate there approach to servicing our pellet needs! -C :zzz


I purchased Mt. Vernon from Enchanted 4 years ago.

I burn over 6 tons every year and I am pretty happy with the stove. This year a problem occurred. The combustion blower jammed. I normally have the stove serviced, cleaned, and the flue-sweeped annually.

I called for a service person to come. They were booked for a long time. I had to wait almost 4 weeks (pretty much the month of February). So it seems the complaint about waiting time for service by others is founded.

However, I am not saying this as a complaint because it is typical and understandable in this kind of business although I would love to have someone in the same week. Finally, the service person, Dan Tinger, showed up. He was very friendly, very compotent and frank/honest. He identified the problem was not anything electrical.

To do that he took the combustion fan out and tested it outside the stove's operating environment. The problem was that either the motor was gone or the bearing was gone. Either way, the part had to be changed, which Dan did. I am very satisfied with him and his service.

The service cost quite a bit (part cost, labor cost and travel time). I would think the part could be purchased cheaper (probably) online or from the manufacturer. I would not know but I know in this kind of business, some overcharge for parts are common. Labor cost for an hour was $75, and I think this is also typical in this line of business.

The travel time within 25 miles fee of $85 was a suprise. I did not mind it but I am sure some may argue this is not fair. Overall, Enchanted is an okay company.

Dan Tinger, the service guy, was the third service guy I had from Enchanted, and all of them were nice but Dan was a real Ti(n)ger ;-). I particularly liked him.


I have found the situation to be totally different, The sales professional are always willing to help and no sell you something you don't need. THey are very focused on helping customer say money on oil. Its 2012 - somebody has to helo me!


I am wondering if this unhappy customer had Enchanted Fireside do the instillation, or if they had someone else do it. Not having professional instillation often voids warentys.

I have dealt with this store for 15 years, and they have always been pleasant and helpful.

Reading the first review, I can't help but wonder who wrote it. It is beyond off.


I walked in and said "Skadush"


we have found them to be rude and the service poor. i would never buy from them again and once you do you are stuck because no other store wants to do service for a competitor. when something broke they had us call the manufactor and they were nasty I part that should last 10 plus years lasted a little over two and cost several hundred dollars to replace but whan you think about the fact that a stove is only used for 4-5 months that isn't much just not supportive when we spent several thousand dollars


Although we walked in at a busy fall time, and we waited a bit, we had the full attention of Karen the owner.

Your complaint seems to be missing something important. Something sounds a bit "off" with your complaint as if you are leaving out something.

Why didn't you get a price when you were in the store? Did you call them back after you were in the store to follow-up?