Worcester, Massachusetts

I stopped by there on a sat afternoon to pick up a gasket and snapdisk for my piece of *** Quadra fire Castille stove. The sales person was put off by the fact that I even dared ask for a part. She was very busy doing nothing in the empty showroom. She reluctantly looked up the two very simple parts and went to get them. She came back with the wrong gasket and would not make any effort to re lookup the part and told me to come back on monday when someone from service would be there. I explained that I had the insert pulled out of my fireplace and pulled all apart and that I would like to put it back together and use it. She said sorry come back on monday or take the wrong gasket. I asked if I could look at their stock of gaskets because I would know the right part and she said no, we have to many different one and besides this is the gasket the part# calls for. Then the other sales person got up from his desk/computer, put his search for Red Sox tickets on hold to tell me that they cant look for them because there are to many. I guess they are just too BUSY DOING NOTHING to actually help a paying customer. I wont go back on Monday or ever again. I will buy these parts online, save alot of money and make sure that I tell everyone I run into not to do business with enchanted fireside or buy a Quadra fire Pellet stove.

By the way, I have had this stove for 4-5 years and have had nothing but problems with it. Even when its running its best it only heats the room that its in. I have replaced many parts on it mostly myself, but have had their Extremely expensive service tech out several times which always turns out to cost 3 or 4 hundred bucks. The tech is a nice guy and very knowledgeable, I don't know why he works for such a *** company.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from Dis- Enchanted fireside!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Enchanted Fireside Cons: Their employees, Their service, Their product.

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Thank you for your bringing this situation to our attention. I want to deeply apologize for any negative experience, the behavior described is completely unacceptable and uncharacteristic of Enchanted Fireside’s core values.

We pride ourselves on above all excellent customer service and rest assured, this is not an accurate representation of our values or beliefs We have a zero tolerance policy against the mistreatment of our customers so these employees are no longer with the company. I’m glad to know you received quality service from our wonderful service technicians and hope you recognize their behavior as a true representation of Enchanted Fireside. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you directly and have an opportunity to win back your trust. Feel free to reach out anytime at (800) 782-5500.

Thank you for taking the time to submit a review of our company.


Their employees don't care. Always pushing me off to Monday.

Trying to get a refund an a part that was never used, but purchased.

This has been going on for months. Will never do business with them again.